Chloe + Isabel Collaboration!

Hi friends! So sorry for the lack of posting last week, there is quite the cold going around and guess who caught it…. Fun I know! Luckily I had a handsome man and a wonderful family to take care of me. 🙂

Oh and I almost forgot to mention how lucky I was to have this little snuggle bug by my side too!


Now that I am feeling a little better, here we are! Back on the grind!

I have recently teamed up with Lisa Haas and her Chloe + Isabel Boutique! Before I share the beautiful products she sent me, here is a little information about the company & brand:

• Chantel Waterbury, the CEO + Founder, is a strong, beautiful, motivated woman and jewelry designer. She wanted to make a difference for young women around the world. As she states on her website, “Chloe + Isabel was created to be a brand people would love, and more importantly, an opportunity our Merchandiser could believe in.” Visit this link to read more about the story behind Chloe + Isabel.
• All jewelry is hand crafted in NYC, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, & lead safe.
• Every piece has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
How much better does it get than that?! I feel like I spent so much money on jewelry that constantly irritates my skin, breaks, and/or does not look worth what I spent on it. The beauty of this brand is the fact that it does and is the opposite of all of that!
Lisa sent me some BEAUTIFUL pieces that are trending on her boutique right now. The order was placed March 31st, and the pieces were made and shipped by April 4th. For being hand crafted in a personal studio in NYC, that is very impressive. I received the box April 7th. If you watched my Instagram story that day, I did a live opening of the product. All I can say is, HOLY COW. The packaging was top-notch! Everything was so beautiful I didn’t want to open & ruin it!
Everything was in its individual box that said Chloe + Isabel. Once you opened the box, they were placed in cute little cinch bags with the logo on them.
These are absolutely perfect for storing the jewelry so you don’t lose or break it… which lets be honest– I am the queen at that… LOL!
Next lets talk about the quality and beauty of this jewelry. WOW. I was blown away by the individuality & sparkle each item had. The high quality of workmanship & materials used in each item is amazing! Every piece is one of a kind. It is nothing like what you would find at your regular, mass-produced jewelry stores.
Modern Mosaic Statement Necklace & Jolie Crystal Bracelet
Modern Mosaic Statement Necklace & Jolie Crystal Bracelet
I cannot say enough good things about this boutique.
Sunset Vista Statement Earrings & Two Row convertible Necklace
I mean come on! Look at those earrings! Its doesn’t get much prettier than that.
They have products for everyone. If you visit the website you will see anything from wrap around rings to hair accessories. Products range from as low as $18! Here are some of my favorite items under $50:
Any money that you spend on this jewelry is SO worth it. Here is why:
1. You break it, they fix it. Lifetime guarantee.
2. It won’t irritate your skin. I have the most sensitive skin ever & I had no problem wearing that larger necklace all day long.
3. You are shopping through a smaller brand name, the customer service is going to better, and the people you are benefiting are small business owners, stay at home moms, & even college students that are trying to stay afloat. Self motivated people who want to bring you a product that is worth every penny. A product that will benefit YOU just as much as it will benefit them.
4. EVERYTHING IS SO DANG CUTE. You cannot find it anywhere else.
5. It is designed in a studio in NYC & everything is hand crafted specially for you.
6. IT IS THE PERFECT GIFT! I am constantly looking for a personalized gift for friends & family members. Birthdays, wedding showers, etc. They do all the work for you once you pick out the pieces you want AND it is delivered straight to their door!
7. Last but not least, there is a promo going on right now!!! See below picture for details!
I am so grateful to have been able to team up with Lisa. Chloe + Isabel is a brand that I will GLADLY promote. Take a look friends! See what you are missing out on! 😉
Here is the link to start shopping:
Thanks for reading lovelies! Until next time!
Shelby Brienzo
*Just a reminder: I only review products that I want to review & review them with complete honesty. I am not required to review them a certain way.*


    1. It is to die for! And the quality is top notch! The chain holding it is super thick, it doesn’t feel like it is going to break like other statement necklaces I have worn. 🙂


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