My New Go-To Lip Stain!

Okay, can we talk about how much I LOVE lip stain? I think it is one of the greatest makeup creations. No more lipstick on the wine glass, no more smeared colors on your face, no more red marks on your chin (you know–when you eat and your bottom lip touches your chin and leaves a red lipstick mark), and the best of all– MY HUSBAND WILL KISS ME. Troy is not a fan of having pink or red colored lips, as most straight guys aren’t. Every time I go to kiss him or he goes to kiss me when I am wearing lipstick, I will either get a small “work around the lipstick” peck or he asks “lip stain or lipstick?” Yes, he even knows the difference.


Now as much as I love lip stains, it isn’t easy to find effective products with that definition. I have bought several lines that worked for an hour or so and then completely wore off. I was lucky enough to receive the complimentary Kat Von D Vox Box from Influenster last week. In it was the Kat Von D Longlasting Lip Liner. At this point the lipstick had not even been released in common makeup stores like Sephora yet! So you can only imagine how excited I was to test it out.


I went into the trial process with low expectations after the experiences I have had with long-lasting lip sticks/stains. I started reading the label for directions on how to apply (in case it was super specific like LipSense application) and came across the ingredients instead. THIS STUFF IS VEGAN YOU GUYS. Can you say “WHATTTTT?!” I know… I was as shocked as you are. I started to apply the lip liner. I made sure my lips were rid of all other color and or greasy lip balms or glosses. I outlined the outside of my lips going from the inside out so that I didn’t over line my lips, and giggled at myself in the mirror (I looked like that character from Star Wars with the crazy designed lipstick). Then I filled them in all the way. I tried to rub my lips together to smooth the color out and it sort of worked. Mostly, it didn’t move. From there, I put the lip liner in my purse and went on my way.


That night we had decided to go out for a family game night. We went to this cute little Mongolian, hole in the wall restaurant (it’s like our ultimate fav this past year) and then went to the new Boondocks in Parker. Let’s just say we had an absolute BLAST! It was nice to see Troy after a long week of work as well as my family. We have all been so busy lately that we hadn’t all been able to get together outside of the house in a while. We played lots of games and even road virtual game rides! My favorite had to be the virtual rollercoaster as well as this game where you had to play hopscotch. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did that night in a long time.


Throughout the night I kept asking my soon to be sister in law, Alice, to check to see if the lip liner was still on. Every time I asked she said “yes.” I couldn’t believe it. I continued to monitor and take pictures throughout the night.



THIS STUFF IS CRAZY. I put the lip liner on at 7PM and it was STILL ON at 1AM! I didn’t re-apply once.


I have never had a lipstick, lip stain, lip liner, or lip gloss ever stay on that long! I was blown away. And the best part is– IT’S VEGAN TOO! I am so grateful for the free product from Influenster and I cannot wait to try more colors from this line. You can buy it now at your local Sephora! There are 30 different shades! 🙂

Thanks for reading my review on this great beauty project lovelies!


Until next time!



*I was not required to write about this product on my blog, I chose to do so since I loved the product so much. All opinions are true as well as my own. Thank you.*


  1. Hi sweet granddaughter! You do realize that even in ancient Egypt, they used pomegranate and other fruits and veggies to apply color to their lips and their face? Just a bit of ancient history! Love you, Baby Girl!

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